Why Reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction, relaxation, and to promote healing and balance in the body’s chakra system.  It is a safe and holistic method that can treat the mind, body, and spirit.  Rei (pronounced “ray”) means Universal Spirit or Essence.  Ki (pronounced “key”) means Life Energy, Light, or Chi.

Benefits of Reiki

Stress, trauma, and illness restrict the natural flow of energy throughout the body.  Most diseases and illnesses have a mental, emotional, or spiritual root cause.  This manifests in your energy field by causing imbalances, defects, blockages, and other restrictions of natural life force.  Reiki accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional ailments by balancing the body’s chakra system.  Reiki loosens up blocked energy and promotes a state of total relaxation and overall well-being.  Reiki is a way to “tune up” your energy to its healthiest state, which allows for natural healing.

Reiki Session

You are encouraged to dress comfortably and avoid eating sugar or drinking caffeine or alcohol at least one hour prior to your Reiki session.  You will rest comfortably on a heated massage table and remain clothed for the entire session.  First, I will begin with vibrational sound healing by placing several energetic tuning forks above or gently on your body.  This will help to remove blockages in the body’s pathways and increase the flow of energy facilitating homeostasis through which healing begins.  Sound waves travel around 4 times faster in water, which makes the body an excellent receptor and conductor of vibrational sound healing.  Next, I will begin the flow of Reiki.  I will place my hands 3-4 inches above your body, within layers of your aura, in a series of hand positions and motions to channel Reiki energy throughout your body to release energy blocks.   I will conclude your treatment by playing the soothing, relaxing, and meditative sound of Himalayan healing bowls around and on your body followed by a reassessment of your 7 major chakras.

Reiki Session Price

1 Hour – $111.00